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Looking back at the 5 best Facebook holiday posts of 2012

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Santa has packed up his sleigh, the festive lights have been put back into the basement for another year, and the Champagne bottles have gone out with the recycling … but there’s still time to count down the top five Facebook holiday posts that brands have put out over the festive season.

Here are my picks.

5. Facebook’s messaging service

Of course, Facebook made it into the top five! Fans were invited to send special New Year’s messages to their friends, with the promise that they would be delivered to their Facebook inbox at midnight. What a great way to wish your friends a happy 2013!

4. Converse’s hangover cure

Converse is in fourth place with its humorous video post. If your head felt sore after all that New Year’s partying, Converse was on hand to soothe your pain with its hangover cure video. (Warning: If you’re still in recovery, you might want to take an aspirin before watching this!)

3. The Pringles Tree

In third place is the Pringles Tree promotion: Fans could click on a picture of a Christmas tree made of Pringles to win a whole load of prizes, plus find hidden surprises like Pringles recipes and other goodies. The countdown to the holidays has never been so crunchy!

2. Make your own Skittles holiday commercial

This holiday season, Skittles fans got the chance to make their own commercial. They could choose the characters, setting and Skittles holiday miracle, pick the script and music, then post it on their Facebook page and share their rainbow masterpiece with all their friends.

1. Adidas Originals: Ebenezer Snoop

And in first place: It’s the Adidas Originals Ebenezer Snoop video and Are You an Ebenezer application! Adidas didn’t stint on the holiday cheer this year with a star-studded video featuring Snoop as Ebenezer Scrooge following three holiday spirits to find the real meaning of the season. Look out for the star cameos! If that wasn’t enough to fill your stocking, Adidas created an app to test if fans were full of Bahhumbizzle and needed to un-Scrooge. Adidas sure knew how to deliver the goodies this festive season!

This year, brands really showed their creativity with fun ways of interacting with fans over the holidays. Did you see any good festive posts? Do you think brands had a sleigh full of treats or a sack full of coal?

Ekaterina Walter is a social innovator at Intel and author of “Think Like Zuck.” Walter was named among 25 Women Who Rock Social Media in 2012. She sits on the board of directors of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.