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Marketers respond to new era of news consumption

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Monday’s article by Heidi Cohen in Click Z shone a spotlight on a trend we at SmartBrief follow closely: How consumers are getting news and information in “The New Era of Digital News Consumption.”

The question for marketers, of course, is: How is your organization responding to these changing user habits? Last week at the SXSW Interactive Conference, Laura Fitton asserted, “Stop friggin’ thinking about how to sell and start thinking about how to help them buy.”

This concept dovetails with one of the main themes of last month’s Online Marketing Summit: Brands that are not content producers by nature are starting to become resources for news about their industry. And, given the traffic our Live from OMS: The 10-Step Content Strategy garnered, we know this topic strikes a chord.

So now we want to hear from you. We’re looking for some great examples of brand Web sites that have become information hubs. If your organization has moved in this direction, please submit the URL in the comment box below. We welcome any stories you have about your organization’s transition to content creation and if it has been successful.

The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming issue of SmartBrief on Social Media, which reaches 50,000 marketers each day.

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