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Mine your Zoom calls for video marketing

In an era of Zoom calls and casual TikTok videos, your video content marketing doesn't have to be polished.

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Perfect is truly the enemy of good when it comes to video marketing. Video producers and brand marketers highlighted that point on a recent industry panel. Virtual events like that one are a goldmine of video content brands can repurpose and reuse.

All marketers have to do to start leveraging video is hit record and cut out key moments to post as thought leadership content. Launching a video marketing plan doesn’t need to be complicated.

Most brands don’t approach video content marketing this way. They think all video must be highly produced and edited. As a result, they miss out on the opportunities to engage audiences.

“As brands, we need to get a little more comfortable sharing without all the review process,” said Sara Felsenstein, content director at IBM, during the session of Managing Editor Live. “We need to get used to communicating through video the same way we do through email or copy or a social media post.”

Take a look at any trending TikTok video these days (say, this one of Nonna Gracie making chicken pizzaiola), and you’ll likely see content shot on a smartphone (which, by the way, have pretty great camera specs).

People care more about the substance of the videos than their production value. In fact, the rawness of those videos can add a sense of intimacy.

Consider the footage your brand has been collecting through virtual meetings and events in the past two years. Is there a 30-second clip from the last company-wide meeting that gets to the heart of your brand purpose?

Cut that nugget out and share it.

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