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Monster’s Janet Swaysland on getting social media off the ground

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I reported live from the SHRM annual conference out in San Diego last week, where I had the opportunity to talk with Janet Swaysland, senior vice president of of global communications and social media at Monster. Janet explained how Monster is integrating social media into all facets of its communications strategy and gave some advice to companies looking to launch their own social presence.

Some of Swaysland’s best advice:

  • Begin by listening and defining your goals.
  • Unify your communications strategy and your social strategy. “If you try to take it apart, it doesn’t work,” she says.
  • Start on small, preferably integrating social into an existing campaign that’s already got internal support.
  • Get the lawyers on your side with a strong social-media policy. Having guidelines makes everyone feel safer and can increase executive buy-in.
  • You can’t outsource this. You need to find people internally who are passionate about social technology. Don’t try to fake it.

Watch the full video here.