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Phoenix Children’s Hospital unveils online quality, safety measures

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This post is sponsored by Phoenix Children’s Hospital. New web pages help consumers, employers compare quality care.

All hospitals are not the same but it can be hard for employers and families to tell which hospitals deliver the highest quality. Many local and national organizations rate hospitals and their staff. But very few make that information available in a way that’s easy for consumers to interpret and compare when making a decision about health care providers.

As a member of Children’s Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS), Phoenix Children’s has embraced a rigorous approach to constantly improving care. PCH tracks specific national measures on patient safety and quality outcomes, compares outcomes with other SPS members, and shares ways to improve care.

Now, Phoenix Children’s is among the first of these hospitals to share that data openly with the public.

Phoenix Children’s recently launched new web pages to highlight the institution’s focus on quality and its success record. The information is available to the public at These measures are critical to both patients and health care decision-makers.

“At Phoenix Children’s Hospital our number one priority is ensuring that the quality of care is second to none – our patients and families deserve the very best,” said Robert L. Meyer, president and CEO. “It’s unusual for a children’s hospital to make this much detail available online, but we believe it’s important to be transparent.”

The Hospital’s goal is clear: zero occurrences of Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs). Achieving this requires a consistent emphasis on quality and safety. And it’s working. Over the past two years, Phoenix Children’s has experienced significant reductions in hospital-acquired conditions, readmissions and serious safety events.

Find Phoenix Children’s patient quality and safety measures online at