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Quality and consistency influence which beef shoppers put in their baskets

Consumers are looking for quality and consistency at the meat case, and 25% of shoppers prefer manufacturer brands when buying fresh meat.

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Quality and consistency influence which beef shoppers put in their baskets

Image: Tyson Fresh Meats

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Beef continues to be a mainstay on many US dinner tables, and shoppers are looking for quality and consistency when making their choice at the meat case. In fact, beef accounted for more than half of the $50.4 billion US consumers spent on meat and poultry in 2019. The protein also had the strongest gains of any category in both dollar sales and volume compared to the previous year, according to the 2020 Power of Meat report from The Food Industry Association and the Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education.

To ensure the beef they buy consistently meets their standards for quality and value, many consumers — 25%, according to the Power of Meat report — prioritize buying from manufacturer brands they recognize and trust over private label products when shopping for fresh beef. This preference for manufacturer brands has been growing over the years, the report found, and younger consumers have been leading the charge.

Millennials and consumers from Generation Z have an above-average preference for manufacturer brands. In fact, more than one third (38%) of Generation Z shoppers prefer branded products when shopping for fresh meat. The growing importance consumers — especially younger generations — place on buying from brands that align with their values is a key driver of demand for manufacturer-branded meats. Per the Power of Meat report, nearly half (47%) of consumers said that if a brand shares a value they agree with, they are more likely to buy it.

Specifically, nutrition and thorough food safety practices are the areas of greatest interest to shoppers when it comes to selecting meat and poultry brands, followed by animal care practices, environmental impact and worker safety.

Stocking brands that emphasize these values can help retailers stand out and give them an edge with consumers.

Quality and dependability are at the core of Tyson Fresh Meats’ Star Ranch Angus brand, which works with retailers to communicate the brand’s values to consumers.

“The Star Ranch Angus beef target consumer is someone who cares deeply for providing those closest to them with a quality, delicious mealtime experience,” said Tyson Fresh Meats’ Vice President of Marketing & Premium Programs, Kent Harrison.

A blind taste test conducted by the brand team found that 100% of participants were satisfied with Star Ranch Angus beef. The claim is one the brand takes seriously — backing it with its Satisfaction Promise. If a consumer isn’t satisfied, the company sends them a personal letter with a voucher, and the retailer receives a full refund.

“We know stocking quality Angus beef is only the first step toward an ever-evolving relationship with our customers,” Harrison said. “Our team is always developing new impactful ways to engage the consumer with the brand to drive the success of our retail partners, bolster category performance and live up to our commitment to being No. 1 in marketing support.“

Learn more about making your meat case stand out with Star Ranch Angus beef offerings.


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