RSS – a primer

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RSS is a format for distributing frequently changing web material, such as blogs, twitter feeds and news related information. The initials RSS stand for three different types of web formats that have evolved into the most up-to-date version known as Really Simple Syndication. Previous versions include Rich Site Summary and RDF Site Summary.

RSS feeds are time savers for people who want to stay up to date with the newest information published on their favorite web sites. Instead of having to visit your favorite blog every 10 minutes to see if something new is published you would receive a notification from your RSS feed when there is a new post. You also can set up a RSS from your site so that people can receive your feed every time an update is made.

Ready to receive a RSS feed?
First you need to set up a RSS Reader which is software that enables you to receive RSS feeds from different web sites. Popular web-based RSS feed readers include Google Reader, Bloglines, and MyYahoo. Now that you have an RSS reader you simply set up the feeds you want the reader to check. Most web sites display a RSS icon to make the process even easier.

Ready to set up a RSS feed?
You also will want to set up a RSS for your own web site so that people can receive your feeds. Blog publishing tools such as WordPress and TypePad will help automate RSS feeds for you. You can also use the RSS Channel Editor which is an RSS feed creation tool. We also found these sites helpful in learning how to make a RSS: How to Set Up an RSS Feed to Syndiate Your Headlines and Making an RSS Feed.

Need some more help? Watch this explanatory video from Common Craft.