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Should deals play a role in your social media strategy?

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This poll analysis was written by Jeremy Victor, president of Make Good Media and editor-in-chief of For more of his writing, visit and follow him on Twitter and Google+.

SmartPulse — our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Social Media — tracks feedback from leading marketers about social media practices and issues.

This week we asked: Do discounts or other special offers factor prominently in your social media strategy?

  • No: 67.05%
  • Yes: 32.95%

If we are learning anything about communication in social channels, it’s that the key to success is creating relationships founded on trust by providing your audience — consumers, fans, followers, blog readers — with information that they find helpful, useful and valuable. It’s this basic principle that should factor prominently in your social media strategy.

When your content doesn’t meet this criterion, you should ask yourself why. It’s a good litmus test to use any time you survey results or past activities. With that said, I was delighted by the response to this week’s poll question.

To me, these results say that the majority of you (67%) understand this underlying principle and are focusing on building relationships on the social Web versus advertising your latest deals. Don’t get me wrong, most consumers love a deal, and if you are reaching them in social channels, it is fine to communicate your deals there. The point is if your deals and special offers factor too prominently in your social content, you are not giving consumers any reason to select you over someone else’s better deal.

It’s the total experience a consumer has with you and your social content that builds trust and loyalty. And this is where an effective content strategy comes in. Your social communications and activities need to be purpose driven. Often times, when we see deals as a prominent social message, it’s the result of not enough content. Don’t fall prey to this trap: Develop content that shows your customers you understand and value them.

What’s your take? How prominent should discounts and special offers be in a social media strategy?