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SHRM notebook: Opening day

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Today’s post is from Joe Caruso, publisher of SmartBrief’s health care group, who is attending the Society for  Human Resource Management’s Staffing Management Conference this week in Las Vegas.

About 600 people have gathered at the SHRM Staffing Management Conference to learn about the critical skill sets that will lead to success today and in the next economic cycle. Attendee interests range from broad — how to use the Internet to source candidates, to narrow — what quantifiable metrics are available to gauge the effectiveness of specific recruiting campaigns. Recruiters are also here to learn from their peers during the ample networking events SHRM has organized.

Keynote speaker and noted author Tim Sanders told the group that in tough times, companies need to make themselves emotionally attractive to employees and candidates.

By investing in quality of life, professional development and morale-boosting activities, employers will see their employees stay longer, hiring costs decline, and productivity (as measured by revenue per employee) increase. Managers should push themselves to consistently create a positive emotional experience in the life of others.