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SmartBrief on: Getting the most out of LinkedIn

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General-interest networks such as Facebook and Twitter take up so much of our attention that more focused sites sometimes take a back seat. It’s a shame, really, because LinkedIn combines many of the best features of the more popular networks with a practical focus on career advancement. If you’ve been neglecting to sign up for LinkedIn or you want to catch up on the latest best practices, here’s a roundup of LinkedIn stories that made it into our e-mail newsletter, SmartBrief on Social Media.

5 tips for tapping the power of LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, writes Lewis Howes. But to get results, you need to work smart. Use groups, participate in the site’s Answers service and send plenty of personalized messages to build leads, Howes advises. “LinkedIn is the most powerful social-networking site to help you grow your business,” he writes. “It makes Twitter, Facebook and YouTube seem like social-networking sites for kids.” (2/22)

Microsoft marries e-mail to networking with Outlook update
Microsoft has announced its Office 2010 suite will include a feature allowing users to interact with their Facebook and MySpace feeds via Outlook. The current version of Outlook is getting an add-on that is compatible with LinkedIn, allowing users to keep track of contact information, view postings and add people to their networks. MediaPost Communications/Online Media Daily (2/17) , (2/17)

Developers seize LinkedIn’s API release
LinkedIn opened up its API for developers to tweak this Monday, and programmers are already seizing the opportunity to integrate it into their offerings. TweetDeck will be adding a LinkedIn column, Posturous plans to offer an update feature that posts simultaneously to its site and to LinkedIn, and is planning to share its content with LinkedIn contacts. TechCrunch (11/23)

Don’t spam LinkedIn groups with links
Newbies to a LinkedIn group need to establish a reputation before they post links, or they will be considered spammers, Doron Gez writes. Some groups go as far as to ban links to avoid unwanted promotion. “Don’t come too strong,” Gez suggests. “Take things gradually. Don’t push your counterpart.” Social Media Today (11/19)

LinkedIn syncs updates with tweets
LinkedIn and Twitter have synchronized their 140-character status update boxes so that users on either site can post a message to both simultaneously. While Twitter users can be anonymous and read anyone’s tweets, LinkedIn accounts are based on real identities and visible only to those within the person’s networks. Reuters (11/10)

10 tips for asking good questions on LinkedIn
The question forum on LinkedIn can be a useful tool, but word your query poorly and you’ll get flooded with pitches, Valeria Maltoni writes. To ensure useful answers, do your homework about the topic, make your question specific and provide enough context, she wrote. “If site users need to interpret your question, they will interpret to their advantage,” she wrote. Conversation Agent (10/23)

LinkedIn eases managing potential contacts
LinkedIn has introduced a new feature for premium subscribers that lets them create searches and save profiles in folders for future reference. You can also jot notes about each profile to help you remember your last contact with the person. The feature, free for 30 days, is much like a customer-management tool, John Jantsch writes, noting that it makes time spent on LinkedIn even more efficient. Duct Tape Marketing (10/1)

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