SmartBriefing SXSW

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Digital Technology

I’m headed to Austin tomorrow to bring you back the best of South by Southwest (SXSW).

As many of you know, SXSW — a.k.a. SX or “South by” to the cool kids — is a week-long festival in three parts: interactive, film and music. The interactive part began today and runs through Tuesday. Music starts on Wednesday and runs through Sunday, and film is ongoing throughout the week. The festival brings together rising stars and (literal and figurative) rock stars to talk about and experience the art and the business of three fascinating industries. What that translates to is a sleepless marathon of ideas, interesting conversation, great food and darting from panels to parties to films to bars to discover new bands. And if you groove on that kind of thing, it’s bloody fun.

My goal for the first four days is to get to as many interactive talks as possible on topics that might matter to marketers interested in social media. Such as:

Anything juicy on the program that you’d like me to check out? Let me know and I’ll post dispatches of the good stuff here and via our @SBoSM Twitter account.

I’ll also keep you dialed in to what I’m seeing in terms of word-of-mouth marketing, social media in action and other Austin-style mayhem I won’t be able to not share.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?