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Survey: B2B execs highly value travel loyalty programs

SmartBrief surveyed its audience of senior executives and business professionals on their travel habits.

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In today’s global economy, it’s no secret that senior executives, no matter what business they’re in, travel quite a bit. But did you know that almost all of them in the B2B industry belong to at least one loyalty program? SmartBrief recently released results from a new survey of over 3,000 director-level and above business professionals, and found that 100% of those surveyed are members of at least one loyalty program and maximize their participation in these programs by redeeming points for business travel as well as extending their stays for leisure.

The survey focused on capturing insights unique to a senior-level executive audience — 64% of participants are over 45 years old and 75% have a household income of over $100,000.

Over 75% of executives travel for business at least once a month, staying on the road for a minimum of three days, and nearly 80% add leisure travel onto their business trips. Additionally, 60% said they own a loyalty credit card, and 54% said they redeem award points for business travel.

Here are more findings from the SmartBrief survey (click for the full infographic):