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Survey: Market research grows as browser cookies fade

Marketers are making an average of five tech investments to replace browser cookies, the survey of B2B and consumer marketers finds.

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As marketers plan for a world without browser cookies, many are prioritizing market research to determine contextual segments and find alternative ways to reach target audiences, according to research by Loyalty Research Center, a research and consulting firm.

The findings come from interviews with Fortune 500 marketing leaders at consumer and B2B companies. 

The group found that marketers are making an average of about five changes to their technology investments to address the sun-setting of cookies. More than three-fourths of respondents are turning to solutions driven by artificial intelligence. Additionally, marketers are increasing spend in social media and search as they feel more pressure in those channels. 

We believe that market research will become increasingly important as cookies phase out,” said Gary Elstein, a partner at Rep Data, which helped collect the data for the report, per a press release. “More companies are turning to primary, first-party data collection to help them understand audiences in the new marketing ecosystem.”


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