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Tech Showcase Roundup: ASU GSV 2016

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This year’s ASU GSV Summit, held in San Diego, California, brought together entrepreneurs, ed-tech providers, policy makers, and leaders from leaders from education and industry to network and discuss how technology is shaping learning and instruction. A number of solutions stood out at the event. Here is a roundup of what we saw:

Goennounce is a platform that lets middle- and high-school students create and share an electronic portfolio of their academic and extracurricular achievements. Students build personal pages where they highlight their activities and awards, showcase school projects, and connect with family, peers and mentors. The platform includes a feature allowing students to raise funds for school supplies, clubs and college. See it in action.

Kahoot! is a free platform that lets user design, share and play games. The platform now includes a “Team Mode” feature that lets users play in teams. Kahoot! supports multiple languages and is available on any computing device.

PD Learning Network delivers competency-based, online professional development on topics in education technology. Teachers complete lessons online then submit their work for evaluation and critique. Teachers earn micro-credentials, badges and university credits. Courses offered include using technology to teach English language development, flipped-classroom instruction, using Google apps in the classroom, and classroom management with iPads, among others.

vibeffect’s Career College Optimizer Index provides a look at how students are thriving at non-profit career colleges. Students succeeding at these institutions include those with no college experience as well as those with some community- and four-year-college experience, according to vibeeffect’s data.

Edchat Interactive offers online professional development via live video discussions. Sessions includes a 5-10 minute presentation on a concept, after which participants break into small video-chat groups for discussion. The small groups then present their finding to all the participants.

Graduation Alliance is an online workforce-development program geared atĀ adults who left high school without graduating. Workforce Diploma allows students to earn their high-school diploma, develop new skills and receive certifications in various industries.

Odysseyware has launched its School Transformation series, a collection of webinars on competency-based learning, career readiness, personalized instruction and credit recovery. The webinars feature presentations on successful school implementations and insight from education thought leaders.

Defined STEM, from Defined Learning, aims to help teachers provide practical knowledge to students through project-based learning, real-world careers and reading and writing activities. Videos show the practical application of an educational concept within a company or industry. Performance tasks ask students to solve real-world issues, using the knowledge they have acquired. Literacy tasks ask students to read and write about a career topic.

Lexia Learning develops personalized learning and assessment tools designed to build student reading skills. Lexia Reading Core5 is for students of all reading levels in grades pre-K-5. Lexia Strategies is for struggling learners, grades 6 and above. Lexia Rapid Assessment is a diagnostic tool for students, of all reading levels, in grades K-12.

What stood out to you at this year’s event? Drop us a line to let us know!