All Articles Food Top 10: CPG revamps, Walmart’s supply chain merger, Cheez-Its and wine

Top 10: CPG revamps, Walmart’s supply chain merger, Cheez-Its and wine

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were drawn in this week by tales of new Pampers diapers and a Cheez-It wine pairing.

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Top 10: CPG revamps, Walmart’s supply chain merger, Cheez-Its and wine

(Kellogg Company)

News of Procter & Gamble’s Lumi by Pampers line, which has sensors to track if a diaper is wet, held the top spot among this week’s food and beverage stories. Procter & Gamble already has a waitlist for the diapers, which will initially be available exclusively via the online channel.

Several revamped CPG products also made news, such as General Mills’ new packaging for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and a recipe revamp for Butterfinger, which helped sales of the candy bar rise by 17%. Also in the CPG sphere, readers were interested in news that Kellogg is releasing a boxed pairing of Cheez-Its and a House Wine red blend.

In food retail, readers were drawn to news that Walmart is merging its e-commerce and traditional supply chains as it works to integrate the two sectors, as well as news that Kroger’s 84.51 personalized marketing subsidiary has introduced a paid analytics solution for brands.

Finally, restaurant readers clicked on news about McDonald’s new global brand identity and Krystal’s unlimited burgers and fries promotion. 

Read the full top 10:

  1. Waitlist forms for upcoming Pampers smart diaper line 

  2. General Mills to debut new Cinnamon Toast Crunch packaging 

  3. Kellogg releases Cheez-It, boxed wine pairing 

  4. PepsiCo makes $1.7B deal to acquire Pioneer Food 

  5. Top ice cream flavors include horchata, whiskey, unicorn 

  6. Butterfinger sales rise 17% after recipe revamp 

  7. Walmart merges US supply chains, shuffles leadership 

  8. Behind McDonald’s new global brand identity 

  9. Krystal piques customer interest with unlimited burgers, fries

  10. Kroger employs data platform to boost brand positioning

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