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Using videos to amp up your blog

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Consumers are demanding to know more about the brands they buy and the people behind them. Video blogging can be a key tool for brands looking to share more of this information with their customers. Video bloggers are still relatively rare in the corporate space, so businesses should take advantage of the empty field by putting their faces out there, says David Garland, a video blogger and author who spoke at the 2011 Blogging Success Summit.

Garland says videos are an excellent way to build a relationship between you, your brand and your viewers. By being able to see you and experience your personality, viewers are much more likely to feel like they know you. That feeling of trust translates to your brand in the future, creating a priceless relationship you can’t get elsewhere.

Need solid numbers to convince you? Consider this: YouTube is now the No. 2 search engine, according to a comScore Internet survey, which Garland presented during his speech. In addition, a recent Forbes/Google survey found that 75% of C-level executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

Video blogging is a forgiving sport because virtually any camera, any room and any lighting will work. Plus videos are easily uploaded on a number of sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and more. But before you give it a try in front of the lens, consider some tips from Garland:

  • Focus on unique content, not your product. Offer a video with educational or inspiring content related to your industry that a viewer can’t get elsewhere. Giving viewers a positive takeaway will mean they’ll remember you — and your brand — in the future. That lasting imprint is far more valuable than trying to get a quick hard sell.
  • Choose a format you can replicate. Whether it’s quick tips, Q-and-A’s or product reviews, focus on a format that you can use again with different topics. Concepts that are too complicated make it more likely you’ll fizzle out after the first few tries.
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Viewers can tell when you’re inauthentic. Allow your personality to show through and don’t stress over perfection because little mistakes might actually be endearing — and be the reason people keep coming back.
  • Market and promote what you have. Don’t assume that because you posted it online, people will be able to find it. Take advantage of your Web presence by promoting your video on your website or blog. Using SEO-friendly headlines will also ensure that people can organically stumble upon your videos.

Have you tinkered with video to market your brand? Tell us about your experiences.

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