The value of silence

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Marketing Strategy

It’s tempting to focus on social media as a pulpit for your own ideas. Who will you connect with? What will you say to them? How will you build those relationships into something tangible? But the fact is that you could draw a fantastic amount of value from your social networks without ever saying a word. Every connection you have is a portal to that person’s experiences and wisdom. I’m reminded of that every time I browse through our twitter account.

“Perhaps one of the more understated benefits of social media in [b-to-b] is the ability to establish and foster expertise within a given industry or niche,” writes Brian Solis. But I think that’s true of every social media user, regardless of their line of work. Editing SmartBrief on Social Media is a humbling reminder of that fact. There’s always so much more to learn.

Do you feel like you need to talk to get value out of social media? What has your network taught you today?

Image credit, RTImages via iStock