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What does BlogHer’s Social Media Influencer program mean for engaging women online?

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At the close of BlogHer ’12, co-founders Lisa Stone and Elisa Camahort Page announced the launch of the BlogHer Social Media Influencer program. It is designed to work beyond the BlogHer Publishing Network of more than 3,000 blogs, allowing influencers an opportunity for sponsorship on the social media platform on which they reach and engage women, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Influencers and advertising campaigns will then be matched and chosen on a one-by-one basis.

For those participating, this is an exciting and significant iteration from a traditionally blog-focused publishing network. As it is, bloggers work across several platforms to build and engage followers, and Facebook is often cited as a major traffic driver and arena for increased engagement — for interaction on Facebook and for driving visitors back to a blog.

And for those looking to extend engagement with BlogHer network visitors, they will be able to do so across social media platforms, potentially combining network-based advertising with Facebook-focused campaigns, and beyond.

According to BlogHer’s Women and Social Media in 2012 study, BlogHer’s sample of readers trust social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at a statistically higher rate than the general population. (Pinterest, it should be noted, exhibits an unusually high level of trust, with 85% of the BlogHer audience and 81% of the general population trusting its information and advice.) The study’s information on Facebook — where many bloggers wield influence — shows promising opportunities for campaigns looking to engage an especially active audience.

Starting today, influencers inside or outside the BlogHer Publishing Network have an opportunity to monetize followings they have built across the social media sphere. And campaigns from leading brands shouldn’t be too far behind.