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What Jack Daniel’s can teach you about the value of closely monitoring your brand

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Companies are protective of the brand they have developed because it represent the relationship they’ve built with consumers. Copyright infringement puts that brand in danger, and companies can be quick to sue when they think their brand has been misused. Companies usually seek monetary compensation for infringement, which can lead to a lengthy trial and battered public opinion. But these opportunities can also be a chance to create good publicity if the company knows its audience well.

Whiskey manufacturer Jack Daniel’s recently dealt with an author who’d copied elements of the company’s label for his book cover. But instead of going after monetary gains, the company wrote a cease-and-desist letter that gently explains the case and even offers to help pay for a cover change. The company’s course of action turned the situation in its favor and garnered publicity for both parties. Jack Daniel’s was seen in a positive light, and the author got publicity for his book.

Businesses should always have a plan for how to turn bad publicity into a positive thing for the brand. Not every company will approach infringement as Jack Daniel’s did or even be aware of infringement when it happens. Once a business knows about an infraction, it can sometimes be too late, which can end up costing the company more in the long run. This can be avoided with social media monitoring, which keeps you alert to your brand’s online presence.

Brand monitoring is easier with social media monitoring tools, which gather social media data for you and monitor your brand online. From that data, you can see the best ways to expand your social media response and avoid infringement. It’s essential that every company has a form of social media monitoring to avoid a negative presence or large problems. Monitoring can also keep customers loyal by identifying opportunities to cast the company in a positive light.

In this week’s episode of “Future of Engagement,” Murray Newlands talks about the Jack Daniel’s case and ways to turn publicity in your favor.


  • Develop a plan to turn negative publicity and comments into positive ones.
  • Social media monitoring tools can assist in keeping track of your brand online.


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