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What marketers can learn from America’s most-loved brands

Passion, trust and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of brand love. Talkwaker and Hootsuite offer takeaways from the 10 most-loved brands in the US.

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America’s most loved brands and what marketers can learn from them

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The top 10 most loved brands in the US, according to Talkwalker’s third annual Brand Love Report, created with Hootsuite, are, in order: Jimmy Choo, Downy, Dolce & Gabbana, Estee Lauder, Oral-B, Mercedes-Benz, KitKat, Nespresso, Adidas and HelloFresh. 

The top 10 list was calculated from analysis of more than 1,500 global brands based on scoring in three categories — passion, trust and customer satisfaction. 

“Brands who put authenticity and courageous creativity at the core of their plans are the ones who generate the most brand love,” said Maggie Lower, chief marketing officer of Hootsuite in a press release. 

Lessons from the top performers

Fashion brands and consumer-packaged goods dominate the top 10, taking seven of the spots. But other sectors outperformed in particular categories. For example, retail and e-commerce brands scored much higher on trust and consumers felt most passionately about media, sports and entertainment brands.

However, fashion and beauty brands, on average, outperformed other sectors in brand love. The report identifies why and offers 4 key lessons for other marketers: 

  • Offer value-driven products that deliver solid social or environmental benefits, often developed via crowdsourced customer feedback. 
  • Provide digital experiences that evoke emotions and deliver convenience. 
  • Delight customers by creating personalized products and experiences.
  • Be outspoken about diversity, equity and inclusion and walk the talk by implementing workplace initiatives.

5 ways to inspire brand love

The report also offers key takeaways for marketers on how to boost love for their brand:

  • Choose the right social platform for different content to relate more authentically to audiences. For example, deliver funny and entertaining content on TikTok and relationship-based content on Facebook.
  • Monitor social media for negative brand sentiment. This can give marketers an early warning that something needs to be addressed before a crisis develops.
  • Embrace business-to-business audiences on social media. It’s not just consumers who want to access relevant information via social scrolling. B2B marketers can use social media to introduce a more conversational, human side to their brand.
  • Show trust in consumers by sharing user generated content. Stop trying to be perfect on social media and let users promote your brand in more relevant, authentic ways. 
  • Expand social media’s influence on brand love from marketing to other areas of your business, such as customer experience and employee engagement. 

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