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What will growing diversity mean for social media?

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Keeping up with changing technology is a big part of being a social-media enthusiast — but we have to be careful not to let the allure of new gadgets distract us from the ways in which people are changing.

The Internet will become larger and more diverse over the next four years — and that may be good news for social marketers, as we note in the lead story of today’s SmartBrief on Social Media. For some businesses, these demographic shifts may make more of an impact than mobile networks, augmented reality and geo-tagging put together.

Yet as I’ve noted in the past, tackling diversity can be a minefield for business. Companies will have to come up with more-evolved social strategies if they’re going to stay on top of the ways in which the Web is changing. Advertisers have gone through shifts like this — realizing the growing buying power of children, for example — but they’ve never had to make the transition in a social environment, where engagement can spread like wildfire and every misstep is magnified.

How will increasing Internet use among minorities change social media? How should marketers respond to this trend? What companies are already doing this well?

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