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Why e-mail is still a marketer’s best friend

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Despite the growing number of new social networking tools, social media’s secret weapon is still e-mail, according to Jesse Engle of ExactTarget and a speaker at Monday’s Realtime NY 11, who maintains that e-mail has actually increased our use of social media.

Companies should consider their e-mail marketing campaigns as a complement to their social media efforts and each channel should be treated individually based on that audience’s needs. Where e-mail evokes trust, relevancy and familiarity, Facebook is about connections, self-expression and entertainment.

This all-inclusive approach can help your company leverage your initial fan base — consumers who have opted into your e-mail promotions — and build on their already existing networks within Facebook and Twitter.

To make the most of your online marketing efforts, Engle suggests the following:

  • Turn your e-mail subscribers into fans and followers. Take advantage of your e-mails by promoting your Facebook, Twitter account and other social media accounts.
  • Use available social data to drive content and reach your passionate fans. Integrating social media data technology can help put your social media efforts in the same measured context as e-mail and other more traditional marketing tools. With this data, you can begin to identify the most loyal customers and respond appropriately.
  • Arm your community managers with information. Train your company representatives and help them become brand ambassadors who can fully participate in real-time conversations.

Is your company doing its best to create a cohesive online marketing plan?

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