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Why video is valuable to Discovery’s social media strategy

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On May 4 BlogWell, presented by, stopped in Washington, D.C., where SmartBrief’s Jesse Stanchak spoke with Amber Harris, director of social media at Discovery Communications.

(Full disclosure: CEO Andy Sernovitz regularly contributes to this blog and serves as the editor at large for SmartBrief on Social Media.)

Harris discussed how video clips, which allow fans to feel connected to the network’s stars,  play a role in Discovery’s social media strategy. She said viewers “love to connect with what’s on air,” and videos can encourage viewers to visit a show’s site to replay a favorite moment.

Other tips for using video as a social media tool:

  • Use social media to lead consumers in the right direction. Discovery’s Facebook and Twitter pages lead visitors to the network’s main website and YouTube channel.
  • One click is all it takes. With Facebook and Twitter comments enabled on Discovery’s website, fans can “like” video clips and comment on them without having to navigate away from the site.
  • Showcase different types of video. Harris said that promotional videos produced for marketing can be just as popular as casual talent interviews shot with a simple camera, either on location or in the hallways of the Discovery building.

Watch the rest of the interview below: