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Will Periscope marketing take off in 2016?

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In today’s nonstop digital world, it can be hard to get your message across, and as a consequence more brands are turning to video marketing. Not everyone has time to read through lengthy articles, and even snappy infographics can fail convey a targeted message. Video allows you to actively show and explain to your customers exactly what your brand is about.

According to predictions from Cisco Video Networking Index, video traffic accounted for 64% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2014, that figure is expected to rocket to around 80% by 2019. Furthermore, comScore contends over half of all time spent on digital media occurs through mobile applications.

This makes mobile video streaming platforms like Periscope incredibly valuable. Not only can you engage your customers with captivating video marketing strategies, but you can reach them anywhere, at any time.

The application allows you to broadcast live video content that can be viewed on a phone, tablet, computer, or even a TV screen. Viewers are able to then leave comments on your content as you stream, which cultivates discussion amongst your followers, and gives you a chance to interact with your customer base.

Using a Follower Base You Made Earlier
Owned by Twitter, Periscope has an advantage over its competitors because it offers several handy features that come fully integrated with the microblogging site’s existing services. One of the app’s key strengths is that it allows users to directly connect with their followers on Twitter, instead of requiring them to rebuild their community within the app itself, which has held competitors such as Meerkat back.

Using analytics from Twitter, you can easily figure out the best times to broadcast your content, or to post tweets about upcoming broadcasts. Periscope’s replay feature means that followers can check in at any point in the 24 hours following the initial airing of the video and catch up on your content. You may even pick up new followers via the app’s Global Map feature, which enables users to view broadcasts from specific regions of the world — a handy feature if you are planning an event or a promotion drive within a specific region.

Critical Acclaim
Winner of Apple App Store’s 2015 App of the Year Award, Periscope has already created a name for itself, since its release last March. This is hardly surprising, given its versatility as a streaming platform, and its strong social media backing. As a consequence, leading brands around the world have begun taking advantage of the app.

During London Fashion Week, designers such as Hunter Boots and magazines including Grazia, Elle and Glamour used the app to share behind-the-scenes footage and highlights from the catwalk. The move paid off, as Periscope streamers accounted for eight-of-the ten most-talked about brands that week.

The British Museum has also jumped on the bandwagon, inviting followers on a live video tour of an exhibition of ancient Greek art, with popular historian Dan Snow as their guide. Even rock bands have benefited from the service, with The Rolling Stones streaming footage from their recent album tour, including behind-the-scenes highlights from a secret gig.

Ahead of the Pack
There are several up-and-coming mobile streaming services, some of which offer perks such as a points system for interaction within the community. However, none as yet offer the strong social media backing and versatile broadcasting system that Periscope provides.

Getting your media out there for everyone to see is often one of the greatest challenges of content marketing. However, Periscope’s seamless integration with Twitter, coupled with its growing community of over 10 million users, makes this app a go-to for content managers who want a running start in live-video marketing.

The world of live streaming made significant progress in 2015, and the trend will likely to continue this year. While the jury’s still out as to its effectiveness for boosting the bottom line, brands are increasingly adopting a Periscope strategy as the platform continues to grow.

Author bio:  Jon Mowat runs award-winning video marketing agency, Hurricane Media. Having previously produced documentary films for the BBC, Jon now works with international clients to tell their stories. You can follow @HurricaneMedia on Twitter and Connect with them on LinkedIn.