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Last week's poll question: How important is it for a leader to have a good sense of humor?


What are your values? You need to articulate them before you can reorient your life.

If you want to fuel the growth engine of your organization, help your team find purpose in their work. Identify the passions of your people and assign work roles accordingly.


You know how to make casual conversation, right? Then you're already on your way to great public speaking and presentations.


The key isn’t to avoid fear. It’s to recognize, attack and wrestle it to the ground. Sure, you’ll get scratched up. But you’ll also learn some valuable lessons in the process.

Tin Man

If there's one essential characteristic a leader must have to thrive, it is having heart — heart for the team and for the business.


Today's business world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. If you want to move your career or company forward, you have to know how to lead yourself and those around you.


Last week's poll question: When you're feeling burned out, how do you handle it?


"Right or wrong, you'll learn from your mistakes, but waffling and not being decisive can really kill you, especially in business."


Look at how you might be struggling with coalition-building in your organization and find ways to build relationships that will be the key to your future success.

All of us need to be in sales. What you are selling is YOU.


Leaders are trained to develop plans, there’s little training on or discussion about what happens to plans after they're submitted and underway.


One thing should be clear: Leadership is not easy. But it is doable. And the world needs you.


Last week's poll question: How successful are you at getting business cases approved?

The average American worker stays in a role a mere 15 months, so it’s time to shift the perspective on employee retention.