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Acknowledge a job well done in private, in public and before moving on to the next task.


Being dissatisfied can propel you to success rather than leaving you feeling stuck.


Want to optimize performance? Continue this timeless and musical advice: “Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative.”


What if you looked inside yourself? Would that change your career path?

Last week's question: How effective are you at using found pockets of time to get work done?

Sharing wins can make check-in meetings more focused on progress and goals achievement.

"Shock and Awe"

SmartBrief CEO Rick Stamberger talks to Rob Reiner about his new movie, managing actors' egos and his experience co-founding Castle Rock.


There are 2 simple steps to getting an organization focused on better, more productive discussions.


As business leaders, we’re chefs, not chemists. Our task is to make something of the tools and ingredients available to us -- nothing more and nothing less.


Middle managers have a particular challenge in getting work done, leading their teams and handling all the pressure. Simple mindfulness techniques can help.

Last week's poll question: How many close personal advisors do you have that you can go to for guidance in challenging times?


We can avoid conflict and difficult conversations with family and co-workers, or we can try a different approach.


Doing your own thing without regard to others can be ruinous in three areas: policy, process and people.


Loneliness and isolation are the hidden threats to our health.


Employees are speaking up about social and political issues. How will CEOs respond?