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5 ways Facebook Timeline could help your brand tell its story

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Now that all Facebook users have to switch over to the new Facebook Timeline, questions are being raised about the possibility of Timeline for brand pages. It seems like it’s not a matter of if, but when. Sources say the new format will be rolled out for businesses this Feb. 29. Although Facebook hasn’t confirmed these rumors, companies should still start preparing to make the switch and figure out how they’re going to integrate the new format into their social marketing strategies. Here are a few changes brought by Timeline that brands can take advantage of.

  1. The cover photo. The cover photo is a big, bannerlike photo that appears at the top of personal timelines, and we expect it will appear at the top of brand timelines, as well. At 840 x 310 pixels, this is a lot of free advertising space, and it allows brands to completely customize the top of their page. Its possible uses are endless, such as promoting sales and fan offers or importing an image from your business’ website.
  2. Increased prominence of posted photos. Photos are getting a lot more space in timelines than they did on walls, causing them to stand out more and attract more attention. Businesses can take advantage of this by posting photos along with their status updates, giving that status update greater importance.
  3. Apps for Timeline. Other tools businesses have recently started using are Facebook’s Apps for Timeline. When users add an app, it appears at the top of their page, and all of their interactions with the application are published to their timeline. Businesses are creating apps for their brands in order to integrate themselves into users’ timelines and increase their visibility.
  4. Facebook actions. As a part of the new Apps for Timeline tool, Facebook is also giving users more options for how they interact with brands. Instead of being limited to “liking” something, users can express that they “love,” “want” or “own” a product, along with a selection of other verbs. This is a great way for brands to engage their fans and another form of free promotion.
  5. Telling a story. One of the most noticeable aspects of the new Timeline is that now you can tell your personal story. Chances are this will be no different for brands. Brands will also be able to share their company story and to start thinking of their posts as part of the larger brand picture.

Timeline will inevitably be rolled out for brand pages and you want to be prepared for when it happens. The businesses that start thinking now about how they’re going to incorporate the new format into their social marketing strategies are the ones that will have the greatest success when it’s finally released.

Have your started thinking about how your brand will take advantage of the new Timeline?