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Andy’s Answers: Do I have to use the hot new social media thing?

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Social Media

It’s a bit overwhelming to follow blogs like Mashable or Techcrunch that seem to report a new social media platform twice daily. Especially with bloggers and social media consultants telling you that your company is lame if you don’t use the hot new thing.  Relax — you don’t need to be everywhere.  Your job isn’t to provide comprehensive coveage of the social media universe, it’s to make sure your company has a credible presence where it matters.

What To Do:

  • Do old-fashioned research. Figure out where your customers are first.  Which platforms do they use? Where do they really get active? Don’t make blanket assumptions, such as that only kids use MySpace.
  • Follow, don’t lead. Wait until your audience is active on a platform, then start participating. You job is to participate in a conversation that is already happening, not force your customers to try something new.
  • Go deep. When you join a community, do it well. Staff it, stay active, and add real value.  Don’t show up with a token presence and think that’s enough. Better to be really good in a few key communities than to be weak everywhere.