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Andy’s Answers: How American Express is using Facebook for cause marketing

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American Express literally invented the term “cause marketing.” Back in the early 1980s, they donated funds for every credit card transaction to restore the Statue of Liberty. Ten years later, they did it again with the Charge Against Hunger. And today, this tradition continues with the Members Project.

Pepper Roukas and her team looked to social media to bring this project to fans and make it easy for them to get involved.

In her recent BlogWell case study, Roukas explains how they’re using Facebook to do just that.

A few of her big tips:

  • Define your goals. American Express is working to increase the discoverability of the program, engage card members and prospects, enable easier sharing of the program, and  provide an outlet for encouraging two-way communication.
  • Use a variety of formats for wall postings. Some of their Facebook posts feature a fill-in-the-blank question, other posts share relevant news or interesting information about relevant causes, and sometimes they promote an American Express brand message when it makes sense.
  • Share video content with your Facebook fans. Roukas and her team have found their video posts tend to keep viewers longer and they also get higher impression levels because Facebook tends to serve video posts more frequently.

Watch Roukas’ case study: