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Andy’s Answers: How Coca-Cola monitors social media

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Coca-Cola has more than 500 brands in 206 countries. That’s a lot of customers, and it means a whole lot of conversations.

But what do you focus on? Which conversations matter? Who’s influencing the conversation? How do you get this information to the people who can do something about it? And what tools can help you do all this?

In her BlogWell presentation, Coca-Cola’s Natalie Johnson walked through all of these big questions and shared how, as one of the most-talked-about companies on Earth, the beverage-maker is able to learn so much from online conversations.

A few of her big ideas:

  • Better focus means better listening. Johnson and her team focused their tools on a few key topics for each of Coca-Cola’s brands. These topics range from music to sports — and with their tools, they’re able to measure these critical conversations in more than 32 languages.
  • Make sure everyone’s using the same numbers. With so many conversations being monitored by so many people, Coca-Cola established key, baseline metrics that everyone tracks. This makes it easier to compare reports and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Train champions in departments to help it spread. Coca-Cola’s listening platform and available tools are still new to much of the company. To help earn buy-in and participation, Johnson and her team found success by training “champions” in departments who could then teach others and encourage them to use the tools.

Watch Johnson’s case study.