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Andy’s Answers: How to create a social media disclosure policy

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Every company needs a disclosure policy. If you believe in the importance of transparency and openness, your disclosure policy will help establish this internally. It will play a critical role in keeping yourself out of trouble, to guiding your employees on proper participation and to honestly reach out to bloggers.

What to do:

  • Use the Blog Council’s disclosure policy toolkit. This open-source document includes six checklists on topics such as disclosure of identity, unofficial blogging outreach and creative flexibility.
  • Train your team. Lay out the ground rules and guidelines for your social media crew. Make sure they know how to participate ethically and honestly on behalf of the company.
  • Put it in your agency contracts. If you and your agency are on a different page when it comes to ethics and disclosure, you’re setting yourself up for some trouble. If your agency makes a dumb move, it’s your brand that will suffer.

Disclosure: As CEO of the Blog Council, I helped write the Disclosure Policy. (See, that was easy.)