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Andy’s Answers: How do I support existing word of mouth?

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Marketing Strategy

Some brands are blessed with lots of natural word of mouth. It’s not dumb luck; it’s generally because they treat their customers well, they employ great people, and they create remarkable products and experiences.

That said, there’s always room for a brand like this to improve their word of mouth. There are always opportunities to earn more love, to facilitate more conversations and to help turn loyal fans into evangelists.

How to support existing word of mouth:

  • Approach existing groups. If you find fans organizing themselves in groups on Facebook or in online forums, try approaching them to see how you can help. Your job isn’t to take things over, your job is to help them do what they’re already doing so well.
  • Help them come together. Sometimes your fans are vocal but lack the resources to come together. Help them meet the folks who share their passion for you by hosting events, creating online groups, starting an e-mail list — simple stuff that makes it easy for them to meet one another.
  • Support all fans. Learn to appreciate and embrace all of your fans — including the “weird” ones. We’re talking about the fans who are well outside of your target market or the ones who find themselves really attached to your marketing or mascots. Great word of mouth comes in many forms — find ways to support it whenever you can.