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Andy’s Answers: How to find your word of mouth topic

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Want people to spread the word about your business? You’ll have to start with something to talk about. And while some viral messages come out of nowhere, it helps to evaluate and plan for the word of mouth topic that’s right for you.

Start by asking these questions:

  • Are people already talking about it? Before you decide on a word of mouth topic, follow your customers’ conversations. What are they saying in your feedback forms, on forums, and on your Facebook page? You may discover your fans care a lot about a topic you didn’t think of before.
  • Would a high-schooler tell anyone about it? If you told a teenager, your cousin, or anyone else who’s not involved, would they tell anyone else? Even a glimmer of interest means you’re onto something good. Ask this question with every new campaign. If the answer’s “no,” try something else.
  • Is it portable? Even the best word of mouth topics get left behind if they’re too complicated or too long to share. Can you fit yours in one sentence? In a tweet? In a fortune cookie? The easier it is to share, the better.

How do you evaluate what topics your fans will share with a friend?