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Andy’s Answers: How Fiskars created their amazing fan community

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The Fiskars fan community has significantly reduced Fiskars’ advertising expenses, generates 13 new product ideas a month, and increased sales 300% — all for a 360 year-old brand. It’s simply one of the best fan communities ever created.

At GasPedal’s recent Word of Mouth Supergenius event, Spike Jones joined us to share the strategies behind how Brains On Fire worked with Fiskars to create this amazing community.

A few of his big ideas:

  • It’s not about campaigns, it’s about movements. Movements have a beginning and no end. While campaigns are an on-off switch, movements are volume dials with no zero. The Fiskars fan community is a movement.
  • Find the passion conversation. Help fans talk about their passion, not about your products. For Fiskars, it’s not about scissors, it’s about what you do with scissors.
  • Movements have inspiring, passionate leaders. When looking for the fans that would lead this community, Brains On Fire didn’t look for the people with the most followers on Twitter, they looked for the people who were most passionate about crafting. As Spike says, passion can’t be created, but influence can.

If you like this presentation, check out our upcoming Word of Mouth Supergenius event in New York on July 20.