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Andy’s Answers: How Johnson & Johnson turns social media influencers into brand advocates

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“Who ‘likes’ ya, baby?” asks Devon Eyer in her recent presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit. In her talk, Johnson & Johnson’s director of corporate communications for social media explains how they improved their corporate reputation by engaging with the right social advocates.

Their influencer strategy is all about finding the people who like their brand and giving them the means to spread the word. Here are three key points from her presentation:

  • Listen strategically. Devon encourages brands to listen to what’s being said about them and the things they care about, so that they’re better prepared to enter the conversation. But it’s about more than trawling for comments on every message board. Find the critiques that will inspire improvement.
  • Let data take you to the right influencers. Devon explains that data can lead you to the people leading the conversation about your brand. It’s not about finding the blogger with the most followers — it’s about engaging with the one whose passions and values match the company’s.
  • Be real. Social channels are a quick and easy way to manage comments, but make sure you’re establishing relationships with the people behind them. You have to get to know your followers to build a community.

Watch Devon’s full presentation in the video below.

Download the slide presentation.

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