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Andy’s Answers: How Kaiser Permanente feeds its fans’ appetite for videos

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While everyone loves video, there’s not a huge demand for perfect video. For Kaiser Permanente, this love of video content offered a great opportunity to show off the stories traditional advertising couldn’t tell and give people a great reason to check them out. So the company started a video blog.

In his presentation at‘s BlogWell conference in Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente’s director of digital media and syndication, Vince Golla, talked about how the company brought its fans’ genuine, unscripted stories to a bigger audience without hiring an expensive production company.

Some key takeaways from his presentation:

  • You can’t sample health care. Kaiser Permanente needed to show people in compelling, honest ways reasons customers love the brand. So the company turned to video testimonials and spotlighting the people who make it great: its staff.
  • Your videos don’t have to be perfect. Golla says to keep the video blog sustainable, the company had to pull production off on its own. So the company hired an indie filmmaker to show the staff some basics and an intern to teach them how to edit it.
  • Make your great content usable everywhere to get the most out of it. Kaiser Permanente didn’t stop at posting videos in social media. The company played them in waiting rooms, at meetings and on its internal channels to build pride in the content, while still spreading the word.

Check out Golla’s presentation.

If you like this presentation, see more great social media case studies like it live at‘s BlogWell conference April 17 in New York.