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Andy’s Answers: How LEGO supports their growing network of fans

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Marketing Strategy

LEGO is a classic example of how a focus on your fans can change everything for a brand. In the late ’90s, sales were down, product innovation was low, and the big retailers they relied on were telling them they didn’t know enough about their customers.

At our Word of Mouth Supergenius event, Jake McKee explained how at they turned it around at LEGO by turning to their fans. A few of his points:

  • Find your best talkers and biggest fans. And when doing so, look beyond your target market. LEGO’s communities and sales took off once they realized the potential of their adult fans: Whereas kids were spending about $10 a year on LEGOs, adults were spending about $1,000.
  • Reach out to existing communities with support. Adult LEGO fans had gone out on their own and created strong communities. Instead of trying to own them, LEGO approached them by offering to support what they were already doing so well — and because so, were welcomed.
  • Openness can turn it all around. In the end, LEGO’s business began to rebound when they opened up. By giving fans what they desperately wanted — to be heard — they changed everything. Product innovation, word-of-mouth and sales all saw significant jumps.

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