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Andy’s Answers: How P&G is mixing social media and traditional communications

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The world’s largest advertiser — Procter & Gamble — is quickly becoming a leader in social media too.

In her BlogWell Cincinnati case study presentation, Procter & Gamble Global External Relations Manager Anitra Marsh shared how P&G is mixing social media into its existing communications strategies.

A few great takeaways from Anitra’s discussion:

  • Social media requires an interdependent communications model. At P&G, they’re moving from a holistic model, where an ad message is carried across different touch points, to an interdependent model, where content is created specifically for different channels.
  • Listening online allows you to improve your products. Shortly after launching a beauty product, P&G noticed comments on blogs where consumers were having trouble opening the containers. Within 48 hours they worked with R&D to create better instructions and shared them with bloggers.
  • Brand enthusiasm is a critical quality of a community manager. Anitra says their community managers tend to come from many different functions within the company, but passion for the brands they represent is something they all share.

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