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Andy’s Answers: How to successfully use video blogging

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Marketing Strategy

Video blogging (vlogging) is a powerful form of social communication because it can be extremely authentic. With press releases and other traditional forms of communication, the audience always assumes the PR department filtered the original message. But with vlogging, the message is straight from the company’s leaders. For a great example of a company using video, check out Cisco’s John Earnhardt’s BlogWell presentation.

What to do:

  • Don’t get fancy. Over production of your videos will actually hurt the authenticity they naturally create. Keep it simple.
  • Make it easy for execs. Don’t ask the leaders of your company to take time to come down to the communications department for an interview — instead, use a portable camera and go to them.
  • Host clips on public sites. Put your videos on a site like YouTube — a place where people go to share and discover content. If your stuff is buried on your site, nobody will see it.