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Andy’s Answers: How SunGard built social media from within

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Continuing with our previews for BlogWell in San Diego on February 16 — featuring social media case studies from Starbucks, Clorox, USAA, Intuit, Avery Dennison, Community Medical Centers, State Farm Insurance, and the U.S. Navy — here’s a few more big ideas from our last BlogWell, hosted in Atlanta.

In her presentation, “Building Social Media from Within,” SunGard’s Director of Marketing Communications, Valeria Maltoni, explained how they built social media from within the walls of a conservative brand. Valeria’s big ideas:

  • Data is everything. Valeria began connecting with SunGard’s leadership by tracking the results of what they were already doing in PR and advertising. This data built reliability, and from that, credibility.
  • Begin by helping people share internally. When SunGard originally launched internal social media to their 20,000 employees, a thirst to contribute immediately developed throughout the company.
  • Your opportunities in social media go beyond your direct customers. Valeria explains that even though the majority of SunGard’s customers aren’t online, she still sees results by connecting with analysts, media representatives, and CIOs.

See the live presentation here:

[vimeo 8458696]