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Andy’s Answers: How UCB Pharma creates a social strategy around their customers

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If you’re wondering what a pharmaceutical company is doing in social media, you’re not alone. Regulation, corporate culture and touchy subject matters kept UCB Pharma from completely engaging on Facebook and Twitter until this year. But according to Social Media Manager Greg Cohen, the company’s presence in social serves an important purpose: telling their customers’ stories.

In his presentation at‘s BlogWell conference, Greg shares how they create a social media presence that encourages patients while complying with regulation and keeping the C-suite happy.

Here are some key points from Greg’s presentation:

  • It’s not about selling: Product information has no place in UCB Pharma’s social media strategy. Instead, they focus on helping their customers connect with other people like them and encourage one another.
  • Be the arm around the shoulder: Greg talks about how they encourage patients to share their success stories, help them communicate with doctors, and be a part of a community.
  • Help the legal team understand: In a regulated industry like pharmaceuticals, getting social media content approval is difficult. Greg shares his secret to communicating with their legal team to get everyone on board.

Watch the video below to see Greg’s full presentation.