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Andy’s Answers: How Xerox is stepping out from behind the copier with social content

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When your company is so famous for something that its name becomes a verb (think Google and searching, Windex and window cleaning), you’ve done branding right. But what if you want to expand that brand beyond the stuff you’re famous for? That’s the blessing and curse Xerox faces as the king of copier machines branches out into business services such as managing health care plans.

As Vice President of Global Social Marketing Jay Bartlett explains, Xerox is already making big strides as one of the top 20 managed health care plans. But to boost their reputation as a health care company, they need more than just awards to earn a reputation.

In his presentation at’s BlogWell conference, Jay shares how they think like journalists to share industry news, create sharable content and build credibility. Here are some key points from his presentation:

  • “If you build it, they will come” just doesn’t work in social media: Jay encourages thinking more like a newsroom than a marketer by creating interesting, balanced content for a specific audience — not just pushing brand messages.
  • Repeat visitors represent trust: While unique visits to your sites and social channels are nice, when you’re building a reputation, it’s the visitors who keep coming back for more who you should measure.
  • Demonstrate expertise with content, not marketing: Xerox could have touted their involvement in more than 700 hospitals around the country to earn respect in health care management. Instead, they shared knowledge on their HealthBiz Decoded digital magazine, worked with industry bloggers, sponsored important events and got their executives involved.

Watch the video below to see Jay’s full presentation. The slides are also available.

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