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Andy’s Answers: What makes a great talker?

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Whenever a fan is willing to recommend you to a friend, you’re doing something right. That said, some talkers are naturally better at spreading the word — and it’s an important thing to remember when creating your word of mouth program.

What to look for in your talkers:

Passion for your topic. Being great at word of mouth isn’t so much about creating passion — it’s about finding the people who are already passionate and giving them something worth talking about.

Credibility and authority. Look for the talkers who are trusted sources on the specific topics you’re focused on. It’s foodies, doctors, analysts, teachers, and trainers — it’s people who have earned the trust of their friends, fans, and followers by making great, honest recommendations on a regular basis.

Lots of opportunities. The more chances your talkers have to talk about you, the more word of mouth you’ll get. People with large audiences (celebrities and big bloggers) are obvious, but they’re not the only ones with lots of opportunities. Think barbers, mechanics, business travelers, and anyone else who talks to a lot of people all day.