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Andy’s Answers: What to put in your newsletter

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Started your e-mail newsletter yet? Having trouble finding ideas on what to write about? It’s not too hard once you get going, and here’s a good rule: If it would work in an ad or a press release, it shouldn’t go in your newsletter.

What to write about:

  • The fun stuff. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be about stuffy product news. Try filling it with tidbits about the fun stuff you do, what your employees are passionate about, and what philanthropy projects you’re helping with.
  • The dorky stuff. Use your newsletter to share the super technical, dorky details about your stuff and your industry. Your geekiest fans will be thrilled for the info they can’t get anywhere else.
  • The insider stuff. Treat your subscribers to the special discounts, the free samples, and the behind-the-scenes updates. It’ll create an instant benefit for them and it’ll ensure your newsletter is getting passed on.