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Andy’s Answers: Why it’s OK if not every WOM campaign is a hit

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Not every word-of-mouth campaign you launch is going to be a smash hit. Not every video you post to YouTube will go viral, not every insider-discount will get used like you’d hoped, and not every topic you start will catch on.

And that’s OK. Real word of mouth is the result of hard work and plenty of trial and error. The next time you’re hesitant to try this “word of mouth” stuff for fear of failure, try reminding yourself of a few simple truths.

What to remember:

  • Your word-of-mouth program is simple. Word of mouth doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re doing it right, you’ve started simple and you’re not adding any bells and whistles until you see something take off.
  • Whatever you’re doing, it’s cheap. You can try out a new topic on your Facebook and Twitter fans tomorrow, for free. When it’s this easy to test out a few ideas, you can afford plenty of trial and error.
  • Nobody is going to know about it. If your new idea to get people talking is a failure, it naturally means that nobody told anyone about it — so don’t be shy!