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Andy’s top 5 word-of-mouth tips for retailers

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  • Give them something to walk out with. Whether it’s a bag, a sticker, a hat, or some sort of goofy keepsake, don’t let anyone leave your store without something in hand that can show the next person they see that they just visited your store.
  • Offer remarkable service. Beyond simple customer service, offer something truly remarkable. For example, during the holiday season, the Container Store offered valet service (even though they had a parking lot). It was a fun, goofy service that got everyone talking.
  • Sell a secret item. Sell something that people have to specifically ask for. It’ll create an “insider” feeling among your core fans and will give them something special to share with their friends.
  • Use your receipts. After every transaction, you’re probably already handing out a receipt. Use it to encourage your customers to come back with friends by printing for-a-friend coupons on them, or tickets to your special events.
  • Have a private sale. Get your customers talking by creating an exclusive sales event where special customers are invited to check out your new product line before it goes public.