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Brooke blogs “The Office”: Dodging drama

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On last night’s episode of “The Office,” the show returned — yet again — to the issue of office romance: Pam and Jim, Dwight and Angela, Andy and Erin, Oscar and the warehouse guy, Phyllis and Bob Vance.

There’s a lot of love in that little office.

There’s a lot of drama, too.

And that’s what Andy and Erin are trying to avoid by hiding their relationship from everyone else.  But their plan backfires and ends with Andy picking up the microphone for the intercom — at what appears to be a Dave & Buster’s where the gang is having happy hour — and saying, “You know, it comes to the point when keeping it a secret is too much drama.”

Not funny, but surprisingly insightful.

I’ve never had luck with keeping secrets, or even keeping things in. It always turns out to be a bad plan. Moreover, I’ve often observed it being a bad plan for those around me. Most of the time, the more open people are, the lest drama they incur.

Have you seen this play out in your life? If so, how?

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