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The corporate brand is cramping my personal brand!

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This guest post is written by SmartBrief on Social Media Advisory Board member Todd Defren. Defren is a principal at SHIFT Communications. His blog, PR-Squared, is routinely among the top 50 blogs on AdAge’s Power150.

As the Millennial Generation comes online in the business world, corporate leaders will increasingly need to figure out how to deal with their young employee’s “personal brands.”

While we’ve all grown accustomed to the fact that prospective employers will be Googling us and scouring our Facebook profiles for incriminating photos, at some point the reverse will also be true: Star employees will carefully evaluate the reputation and socialstreams of their would-be employers, to determine whether they want to associate their personal brand with that of the corporation. This will only accelerate as the improving economy increases young employees’ options. It makes sense. It takes an incredible commitment to cultivate a personal brand. To go from three Facebook friends to 3,000 is no small feat; same goes for Twitter — to grow a personal fan base requires a savvy combination of content creation, curation, promotion and cool.

Why would someone go to the trouble of grooming their social graph into a consequential aspect of their job market attractiveness, only to grab at the first offer from a crappy company whose own reputation (or following) is not as impeccable or large as the employee’s own?

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