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How to engage and delight customers with audio-optional streaming TV entertainment

Here’s why businesses with TV screens should switch to a streaming TV platform designed for public viewing.

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This post is sponsored by Atmosphere 

Are the TVs in your establishment really providing entertainment or simply soundless, talking heads in the background?

All too often TV content displayed in a restaurant, waiting room, or gym is so flat that it fails to engage customers. Poor entertainment can lead to customer dissatisfaction or even worse: loss of customer traffic. Fortunately there are options for business owners to increase customer engagement. In fact, Omnico research found that 58% of customers would visit a restaurant more often if experience-enhancing technologies were available – including the content displayed on TV screens. 

Proactively using TV screens to engage customers and patients is even more essential for  those businesses who are paying for expensive cable or satellite subscriptions, just to show subtitled reruns or news programs.

  Fortunately there are options beyond those traditional models, including a new streaming TV entertainment platform called Atmosphere. Designed to be enjoyed in public spaces like waiting rooms or bars and restaurants, content from Atmosphere’s owned and partner channels, aims to energize the space where it streams, increasing patrons’ dwell time and shortening perceived wait times.

“So many businesses have TV screens, but they can’t find content that actually entertains customers,” said Leo Resig, Atmosphere founder and CEO. “That’s why at Atmosphere we have created a platform that offers engaging, curated content that entertains and delights a business’s customers while they wait, relax, shop or socialize.”

The hundreds-of-thousands of hours of family-friendly content on Atmosphere includes sports, entertainment, news and other audio-option programming optimized for businesses. But the platform is also designed to leverage those screens and the eyeballs their programming attracts, to give businesses more control over their own messaging. Subscribers to Atmosphere’s digital signage platform report a 14% increase in new business, a 19% increase in dwell time and a 19% increase in repeat guests, according to an InMarket study. 

To expand its offerings, Atmosphere recently announced a partnership with TikTok to curate even more streaming content. TikTok TV will stream exclusively to Atmosphere subscribers, bringing some of the family-friendly content watched by a community of over one billion users to businesses in the Atmosphere network. 

“The introduction of TikTok TV on Atmosphere  is just another way we are innovatively making streaming TV work for our business subscribers,” Resig said. 

If you’re interested in learning more or replacing your current paid-TV offerings, visit Atmosphere online.