All Articles Marketing Social Media ICYMI: Social media news & trends for week ending Dec. 9

ICYMI: Social media news & trends for week ending Dec. 9

From Instagram and Linkedin to TikTok and Twitter – and more – SmartBrief has your week’s recap on social media updates, trends and business news for the week ending Dec. 9, 2022.

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ICYMI: Latest changes, trends and news on social media platforms

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While the nearly day-to-day Twitter news doesn’t seem like it’ll ever stop, we have gotten some breaks with a look back at 2022 and a look forward into 2023 in this week’s social media news. While Twitter and how advertisers are reacting to the company’s flux there account for a few stories below, we also catch up with TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram and Telelgram — an app that’s not yet gained a foothold in the US.

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Latest on using social media platforms

Instagram is trying to BeReal
Instagram is testing Roll Call, reports app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, which gives group chat members five minutes to add a photo or video to a chat. In another Instagram trial, Paluzzi reports that Glimpse Stories emulates BeReal by calling on individuals to use their cameras to take a photo and show what they’re doing at any given moment. Check out the links or visit Social Media Today for the full story. 

LinkedIn beefs up follower info, post insights
LinkedIn’s Audience tab now shows the demographic makeup of accounts’ follower bases and how those bases increase or decrease over time. Users can also check out their Posts tabs to see which three posts had the most interaction or gained the most impressions during set periods. Get the details at Search Engine Journal and Adweek.

Snapchat test could boost organic discovery
Snapchat is testing a Story Boost option for Snapchat+ subscribers that prioritizes their content among contacts, reports researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today writes, “It’s interesting to see Snap experimenting with visibility boost features, which are similar to paid ads, but for organic content.”

Instagram tells you why it’s not recommending your posts
Instagram is adding Account Status tools that tell businesses and other professional account users whether their posts meet the platform’s recommendation guidelines. “We know that, for many creators, having Instagram recommend your content is a great way to reach new fans and grow your audience,” according to a company blog post. See for yourself what Adam Mosseri said or check out TechCrunch‘s story.

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Trends, studies & how-tos

TikTok 2022: The top trends, creators and content
TikTok released its 2022 recap, which includes details of the year’s trending For You content, most popular songs and music artists, breakthrough creators, top communities, food trends, businesses and products. In the US, the most popular community was BookTok, the top TikTok video trend was “Jiggle Jiggle” and the most popular breakthrough creator was transgender actress and comedian Dylan Mulvaney. Adweek and BGR have the details.

They’re keeping a watchful eye on TikTok
TikTok users, particularly teenagers, are vulnerable to being exposed to misinformation served to them via the platform’s algorithm, says Alexa Volland, the News Literacy Project’s senior manager of educator professional learning. The nonprofit organization has launched its own TikTok account aimed at combating misinformation, and Volland encourages more news organizations to join the platform. Learn more at EdSurge.

3 major 2023 B2B trends from LinkedIn
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Jim Habig and Alyssa Merwin talk about the three trends they think will dominate business-to-business marketing next year. “2023 will be the year that canned, impersonal sales outreach poses a significant risk to company brand and seller reputation,” Merwin says, while Habig notes transformation is on the way, “driven by evolving buyer preferences for more transparency and control over how they engage with brands.” Adweek has more details. 

Report: Snap, Meta may benefit from Twitter ad pullbacks
Brands pulling their Twitter ads could equal about a third of the platform’s revenue, and those brands could move 5% to 8% of their ad budgets to Snap while increasing Meta’s revenue 1% through additional ads on Facebook and Instagram, MKM Partners forecasts. Triple D Trading’s Dennis Dick notes that these gains may be offset by reduced digital ad spending in 2023. Get the full story at Ad Age/Bloomberg.

… but not every brand is done with Twitter 
Brands continuing or resuming Twitter advertising despite risks are doing so because of the platform’s reach, targeting capabilities and other advantages, say marketers. Design Hub CEO Samuel McGraw says that Twitter “is still a powerful platform that offers marketers a lot of potential” and points to benefits such as new ad incentives and analytics, and access to the Twitter Ads API as attractive offerings. Digiday has more.

… though some are completely done
Most brands that have left Twitter following Elon Musk’s takeover won’t return despite Twitter’s promise to match brands’ December advertising investments of $500,000 to $1 million, experts say. Advertisers have called on Musk to remove the paid verification option implemented under his leadership and are concerned about Twitter’s ability to measure audiences or protect brands following mass layoffs. Get the full story at Ad Age.

Business news

Analysis: Twitter’s future could look like today’s Telegram
An examination of the messaging and broadcasting app Telegram could foretell a good future for Elon Musk-run Twitter. Telegram has a small staff with little content moderation and more than 700 million active global users. Bloomberg’s Parmy Olson takes a deep dive into Telegram (via LiveMint).

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